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AMIGO Travel & Educational Consultancy

AMIGO Travel & Educational Consultancy is the brain-child of the friendship of five distinguished business personals who has succeeded in their respective fields of finance, manufacturing, travels and trading, which took shape from both a dream and a promise, combined with entrepreneurial farsightedness for a credible and supportive overseas education facilitator that simplified and made affordable the complex process of.....

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Post Landing Assistance, Including Pastoral Care

We understand that migration process does not end with arrival.....


Travel Assistance

Fluctuation in the airfare because of the invasive competition between.....


Pre Departure Briefing

Studying abroad is a big step and represents a significant.....


Study in Australia

Australia is one of the best countries for students; because of the quality and diversity of the education system it equips students with long-term advantages. Degrees from Australian universities are.....

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Study in USA

America is an ideal destination for international students due to its strong economy, energetic campus life and the variety, flexibility and quality academic options it offers. From astonishing cities to.....

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